B2BALTIC Television and Luxury Nordic Hub LNH

Luxury Nordic. More convenient in B2B


Luxury Nordic Hub LNH is an exclusive design hub based in the Nordic countries, with designers from all over the world. The hub has been managed since 2015 by authorized suppliers and members of the Nordic Baltic Chamber of Commerce & Industry B2BALTIC.org.

It is connected with a community of luxury retailers. Since 2017 Luxury Nordic has been connected to B2BALTIC Television and time by time get interviewed by Directors TV 24 or B2BALTIC.TV

The market place is of Business-to-Business type according to the trading activity of the chamber and business members. It is especially convenient to buy, also privately, via B2B instead in an end-user shop.

Startups Centre in Europe, for new luxury

But not only. Luxury Nordic LNH operates also as strategical business centre for startups of the luxury sectors, support initiatives via regional/global medias, or do market research for luxury exporters. If you are a creator of luxury products, or a reseller, we recommend you to register as supplier of B2BALTIC RETAIL.